The Extreme Domestic Abuse Experiment!!

Jesus Christ, people JOINED IN AND STARTED HURTING THE GUY when he was the victim.


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"ugh straight white boys need to spend less time whining about not liking pumpkin space and more time stopping date rape" 17000 notes

"I need feminism because girls are literally demonised for liking pumpkin spice!!!!" 29,000 notes 

People joining in with the domestic abuse of males is so highly fucked up. It needs to stop. Fighting for the equality of male victims does NOT detract from feminism AT ALL.

Feminism = equal treatment of both sexes.

Stop making out feminism to be bad because you don’t understand it.

"Fighting for the equality of male victims does NOT detract from feminism AT ALL."

You might want to tell the VAWA that. It uses the Duluth Model.

As of 2006, the Duluth Model is the most common batterer intervention program used in the United States.[2] It is based in feminist theory positing that “domestic violence is the result of patriarchal ideology in which men are encouraged and expected to control their partners”.[2]

Yup, there’s grate eqwaleetee theeer.

You know what equality would look like? Gender neutral laws. I can’t think of any time Feminists have fought for that when it might result in disadvantaging women.

Feminists threaten to kill woman for saying men need abuse shelters.
Feminists shut down forum for battered husbands.

What happens when men try and talk about their problems? They are shouted down with loudspeakers, and then fire alarms and bomb threats.

And you wonder why people don’t want to call themselves feminists..
This involves men just as much as women, I thought that was obvious?!